Shane Gorst

Shane Gorst is the General Manager of Art Deco Trust, a multi-channel social enterprise tasked with the preservation, restoration, promotion and celebration of Hawkes Bays Art Deco Heritage.  Having migrated with his family from Auckland in 2016 after 15 years working across the Retail and Social Profit sectors, Shane has been in his current role for just over a year.  Prior to this Shane was the CEO of Make-A-Wish New Zealand, a role which had followed a ten year stint in sales, management and L&D for a national retail chain.

Joining the Trust at a critical turning point, Shane is focused on working alongside his team to change the relationship between his organisation and the community at large, and in turn changing the way people think about and engage with heritage.  To achieve this, the internal environment has to evolve and develop new ways to communicate, engage and activate relationships across multiple stakeholder groups whilst maintaining its focus on the mission, vision and values on which the organisation was founded over 30 years ago.

Can an organisation centred in the past be truly forward thinking and focused on the future, without losing its core purpose?  This is the question Shane will be exploring on the 19th of February at the GROW National NFP Sector Conference.